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Legal Notices and Disclaimer: Trade Chart Patterns Like The Pros - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED No part of this book may be. Trade Chart Patterns Like the Pros: Specific Trading Techniques [Suri Duddella] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Specific Trading. Looking for a books that will give you full information about chart patters? Trade Chart Patterns like the Pros by Siri Duddella in pdf gives you.

To get our profit target simply measure the depth of the triangle. Just count how many pips there are from the flat support line to the highest point of the triangle. Once you have that measurement, project it to the downside starting from the flat support level.

See the chart below: You can see how the projected triangle depth measurement becomes a very accurate profit target. This is a powerful exit strategy that can maximize your profits. Using the Chaikin Money Flow indicator, along with the descending triangle breakout creates a very powerful trading strategy. One of the main characteristics, unique to the Chaikin Money Flow indicator, is its ability to gauge the downloading and selling power.

Most retail traders struggle to gauge the supply and demand equation in the market. You can resolve this struggle by switching to the Chaikin Money Flow.

Citifx Pro Trading Patterns Pdf

In this strategy, traders simply have to see an agreement between the support breakout and the Chaikin Money Flow reading. Once the descending triangle breakout happens, we need to have a Chaikin Money Flow reading below the The profit target projection is based on the same exit strategy we used previously.

Measure the triangle depth and project the same price distance starting from the flat bottom.

Make sure you first get familiarized with the descending triangle pattern before you commit any real money with this chart pattern.

Stop looking for the Holy Grail and learn how to trade like the pros do.

Trade chart patterns like the pros

Use these simple trading tricks that are very powerful when used in the right context. Be sure to read our latest article on Technical Analysis Strategies. The descending triangle chart pattern can be combined with your preferred trading strategy. Once you learn to identify them and train your eyes to see them in real time it will help you better understand the price action. The supply and demand imbalances inside the descending triangle reversal will almost always generate fast and furious breakouts.

Also, be sure to learn about the Symmetrical Triangle Trading Strategy. Automated trading — Automated trading systems are programs that will automatically enter and exit trades based on a pre-programmed set of rules and criteria. They are also known as algorithmic trading systems, trading robots, or just bots. Float — This is how many shares are available to trade. If a company releases 10, shares in the initial IPO, the float would be 10, Beta — This numeric value measures the fluctuation of a stock against changes in the market.

Market trends — This is the general direction a security is heading over a given time frame. Moving Averages — They provide you with vital download and sell signals. Use them correctly and you can tap into a potentially profitable trend. Relative Strength Index RSI — Used to compare gains and losses over a specific period, it will measure the speed and change of the price movements of a security.

Using MACD can offer you straightforward download and sell trading signals, making it popular amongst beginners. They can help with pattern recognition and enable you to arrive at systematic trading decisions. Stochastics — Stochastic is the point of the current price in relation to a price range over time. The method aims to predict when prices are going to turn by comparing the closing price of a security to its price range. Read the glossary for definitions of many more words and concepts.

Day Trading vs The Alternatives Yes, you have day trading, but with options like swing trading, traditional investing and automation — how do you know which one to use? Swing trading — Swing traders usually make their play over several days or even weeks, which makes it different to day trading.

It can still be a good method for the trader who wants to diversify.

Traditional investing — Traditional investing is a longer game and looks to put money in popular assets such as stocks, bonds, and real estate for long-term value appreciation. Unless you are already rich and can invest millions, traditional investing returns too little to make much of a difference on a daily basis.

Conclusion-Top 10 Chart Patterns Every Trader Should Know

However, the intelligent trader will also invest long-term. Ultimately, the downloaders win and the price breaks through the upper trendline, indicating that the uptrend will resume.

Target prices are calculated as the maximal height of the wedge, which is then projected to the point of break-out. A bearish wedge is similar to a bullish one, with the difference that it is appearing during downtrends, and the slope of the wedge is up. Converging trendlines are again showing that downloaders interrupted the downtrend, trying to push prices higher.

Trade Chart Patterns Like The Pros Specific Trading Techniques Suri Duddella

A break-out through the lower trendline indicates that sellers won the battle, and the downtrend is resuming. The target price is, like by bullish wedges, the maximal height of the wedge which is then projected to the point of break-out.

Flags A flag is very similar to a wedge, with the difference that the trendlines which form the flag are parallel, and not converging. A flag pole is also a part of the flag pattern, because the target price is measured in a different way than by other chart patterns. Flags can be bullish and bearish, with a bullish flag shown on the chart above. A bullish flag forms during an uptrend, with parallel trendlines above and below the price-action, which form a down slope.

A break-out above confirms that the uptrend is resuming. A bearish flag is pretty much the same as a bullish flag, with the difference that it forms during downtrends and has an up slope.

The price target is measured as the height of the flagpole green arrow to the top of the flag, which is then projected to the lowest point of a bullish flag or heighest point of a bearish flag.

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Triangles Triangles can be ascending, descending and symmetrical. All three types of triangles look pretty much the same, with the difference that ascending triangles have a flat upper trendline, and descending triangles a flat lower trendline.

A symmetrical trendline is the most common, and forms during both up- and downtrends. It has converging trendlines, just like a wedge pattern, but the slope is neither pointing up or down.

The breakout point of the lower trendline during downtrends confirms that the downtrend is resuming, while a breakout of the upper trendline during uptrends confirm the underlying uptrend.

The target price is the height of the triangle, projected to the point of the breakout. It is a continuation pattern which shows that in middle of an uptrend, the sellers tried to push the price lower, but the sentiment is again gradually changing from the sellers to the downloaders. Additionally, a pullback occurs as the last attempt of the sellers to dominate.

As can be seen, these chart patterns might help you determine trend direction, but you should not rely solely on them. I have covered the major 10 chart patterns every trader should know.Remove them from Saved?

The direction of the potential price move of this chart pattern is very tricky to determine. The graph photos are big and understandable. Each box size is preset and the price is represented only if the price trades above or below the previous box by that amount.

Momentum players continue to push these stocks until the supply or demand diminishes. Submit a Comment Your email address will not be published. On March 26, , ER2 rallied most of the day to form a top at the It's also more powerful when traded in the direction of the prevailing trend. Breakouts occur near the apex of the triangle. On May 07,, YM attempted for a brief rally but continued its prior trend and closed at 2.